I am an independent, multidisciplinary artist. Professionally, I spent much of my time working in film and television post-production, as an Editor, Colorist, and Assistant Editor. I have worked as a Post-Production Supervisor, Cinematographer, Director, and done most jobs on the film-set at one time or another. Daily, I take pictures, edit, write, draw, play music, restore and customize vintage motorcycles, tinker, experiment, and seek proficiency in every creative outlet that captivates my attention. Currently, I work as a Machinist making primarily Aerospace and Medical devices.

I have found my multidisciplinary approach to art has enhanced my creativity and intelligence as a whole, and has not hampered my individual efforts. If anything, they have a synergistic effect, and the lessons and skills learned in one medium have provided insights and jump-starts into others.

I've been asked the reasoning behind my moniker, "Rogue Planet Art". A Rogue Planet is a planetary body not caught in the gravitational orbit of a Solar System; my logo is an idiographic expression of this concept. As an independent, multidisciplinary artist, I am the center of my creativity - my mediums become my moons; no singular company, medium, or theme contains me in its orbit, though certainly they affect my trajectory.

Using a scientific terminology as a metaphor for my artistic endeavors is a deep reflection of my values as a person, and my approach to art - which is based on combining a scientific approach and mind with an emotionally intuitive and sensitive spirit.