Currently I work as a Prototype Machinist at MacKay Manufacturing, largely building high-precision Aerospace and Medical devices using CNC Mills. Prior to this, I worked at West Coast Customs in R&D - designing and fabricating parts and other elements of some of the worlds most incredible custom vehicles using a 3D Printer, CNC Mill, Lathe, Router, and Waterjet. I also do things by hand because sometimes it just makes more sense, and I'm lucky enough to have acquired the skills to do both over the years.

Before that, I ran Salt Concept Cultivation with a partner, James Cosimini, doing product development, design, and fabrication. I've also worked as Director of Production at Happy Owl Studio, working with another outstanding team to develop a bamboo cash register, and was featured in the New York Times.

Below is just a smattering of my fabrication work and some of my design work, please contact me if you'd like to see more or discuss a project.

Model of the new WCC Racers roller coaster made for and currently on display at Six Flags: Magic Mountain. 3D machined foam. (design by Musa)

Custom Shelby badge, machined billet with metallic blue paint fill. (Designer unknown)

Custom front Grille for Kylie Jenner's makeup van. Designed by me, cut on waterjet.

Bluetooth Boombox - MDF and Aluminum, CNC Router, 3D printing, Waterjet, paint and bodywork. Internal motorcycle battery and amp. Custom designed bass ports for deep but punchy sound. Built for Will-I-Am. (Design by Musa and Will, with contributions from myself)

Billet Aluminum "Green Day" badges for Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. (Designer unknown)

Spaceship doors designed and machined by me - this is an "in progress" shot, the final version was painted gloss white.

"Vibranium" 3D printed caps, billet aluminum mount, 3D machined mold for enclosure, waterjet trim piece. "Black Panther" Lexus. (Designed by Musa and myself)

3D machined Lexus badge for Black Panther Lexus featured at SEMA 3D Machined Lexus badge for the Black Panther Lexus featured at SEMA

Custom illuminated door-sill for Jake Paul's Tesla. (Design by me)


Custom spoiler mount for Jake Paul's Ford Focus RS. (Design by Mosko and myself)


Midcentury-Modern Walnut Photo Booth for Amigobooth (Design by Rico and myself)


Custom tasting board and aged bar-top for Crushed in San Diego. (Design by James Cosimini and myself)


Bamboo Cash Register for Happy Owl Studio. (Design by Devon James and Ryan Jordan, built by Ryan and myself)

Me, setting the zero on the CNC Router in preparation for a run of the Bamboo Cash Register for Happy Owl Studio.