Motion Pictures

Full CV and references available upon request. Click Here for my LinkedIn Profile. Click Here for my IMDB Profile.

I have over a decade of experience in Film/TV, primarily as an Editor and Cinematographer, and more recently as a Presenter. I've worked on live-action and animation, for projects ranging from feature-films to Network shows, web shows, YouTube Channels, indie films, and local TV at top-20 market stations. Recently, I presented in a Promotional/Educational video for MacKay Manufacturing, following my time doing similar work at West Coast Customs in Burbank, CA. I also helped launch a Web Series, wrapped a feature-film as 1st AC and B-Camera Operator for Director Tom Six of "Human Centipede" infamy, and produced several videos for Barco, including three commercials which aired on national television.

I have an extremely broad skillset, and can take a project from concept to completion with expertise and style. I find that my diverse experience and abilities have helped me in many ways. Particularly, the capacity to understand and quickly work with a wide variety of material and subject matter, and perhaps most critically, I've developed a well-honed creative problem solving ability with approaches taken from my background.

Below are some examples of my work.


"BTS At West Coast Customs" - West Coast Customs (Presenter, Machinist)


"360 Field Trip - MacKay Manufacturing" - KSPS (Presenter)


"What Kind of Internet Do You Want? Episode 1" - Open Index Protocol (Web Series. Cinematography, Editing, Graphics, Color)


"Barco Unlocks the Mystery of King Tut" - Barco (Cinematography, Editing, Color)

"Barco Clickshare - Simplicity" - Barco (Cinematography, Editing, Color)


"Getting A Shot" - Sid the Science Kid, The Jim Henson Company (Editor, Lead Colorist)

"Skatin' With Dayton, Ollie" - Rogue Planet Art (Director, Editor, DP, Color, Sound)


"Blitz Week" - The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego (Editor, DP, Director, Color, Sound)


"Union Apprenticeship - the Best Decision You'll Ever Make" - Promotional Video, IBEW 569 (Director, Producer, DP, Editor, Color, and Sound)


"Hawaii" - Wilson and Ditch, the Jim Henson Company (Editor)



My "reel" from many years ago - contains some neat tidbits you won't find elsewhere in here: